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Protect Your HVAC Equipment: Preventative Maintenance Services in Edmonton

Failure to maintain your HVAC equipment regularly can damage them. These damages are not covered under warranty. Don’t wait until a problem occurs to consider the condition and upkeep of your residential or commercial heating and cooling system. Demko Ventilation Services Ltd. in Edmonton offers affordable preventative maintenance programs that are customized to meet your individual needs, ensuring that all of your HVAC equipment and components are properly maintained to provide dependable service when you need it.


We offer different maintenance packages that cater to your requirements and budget. These include:
Monthly Maintenance
Our all-inclusive monthly maintenance package is intended to balance out your operating expenditures and maximize the life of your system. With a regular maintenance service, you can change to quarterly and bi-annual inspections.

Quarterly Maintenance
The quarterly maintenance plan includes seasonal inspections (cooling in spring, heating in fall) as well as regular filter and belt replacements. The quarterly option allows our team to not only keep a check on your system but also provide you regular feedback to ensure that you take care of the system well.

When you choose our maintenance services, you get the benefit of

Monthly or annual payments

10% discount on all repairs and parts

5% discount on replacement systems

Maintenance Services

Our licensed technicians are knowledgeable and meticulous when it comes to servicing your HVAC equipment. Our maintenance services include the following:

Dismantling the evaporator for chemical cleaning

Cleaning of:

Evaporator coils

Condenser coils

Condenser drain pans

Condensation drain lines

Evaporator blades and fan motors

Checking of:

Electrical components

Oil charges and refrigerants

Changing belts and filters

All settings

Lubrication of fan motors

Re-installation of indoor cooler units

What Are the Benefits of Maintenance Services?

There are a number of benefits of scheduling a regular maintenance service at Demko Ventilation Services Ltd., including

Reduction in the number of repairs

Increase in the lifespan of equipment

A safe living environment

Reduction in electrical energy costs

Contact us to schedule an annual maintenance service.

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