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We Provide Repairs for Make-Up Air Units in Edmonton

Blockages in air ducts can restrict air distribution throughout a building. These blockages can be caused by debris, dirt, furniture, or equipment placed in front of vents. Improper ventilation can cause suffocation. Our technicians at Demko Ventilation Services Ltd. can repair, maintain, service, and install ventilation systems like exhaust fans and make-up air units in Edmonton. Whether it’s an electrical issue or a blockage, we can help you.

We Provide Services For

Make-up air (MUA) units

Exhaust fans

Air handling units

Make-Up Air Units

Make-up air units are usually installed on the roof, either outdoors or indoors. These units have a fan that draws in fresh outdoor air which circulates indoors to create a healthy internal environment. Listed below are other uses of make-up air units.

The units can heat the cold outdoor air and create a cozy environment.

Like an exhaust, it can also remove smoke from rooms.

The units can be used as a pressurization unit to maintain the temperature.

They are also used in auto-body shops to speed curing time.

Contact us to have a make-up air unit installed or repaired. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

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